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Planet Marimba was founded on a desire to build one-of-a-kind custom marimba keyboards one at a time according to the customer's discretion. In working with each customer, I have made innovations to the modern marimba.

These improvements include: an all-wood frame leaving no metal-to-metal rattles, graduated bars from note-to-note over the entire instrument, extended ranges of the marimba including the entire 7.3 octaves of the piano, and our latest innovation of putting the posts under the bars. Close inspection of marimbas 113 - 140 will show that there is no hardware between the bars. This frees the space between the bars and makes it possible to arrange them closer together. Every interval is now closer. Every run is now shorter, every reach is more comfortable.

Since the Planet Marimba shop started production in 1999, I have manufactured over forty custom-built marimbas. Email me with your ideas for your dream-instrument and I will help make it for you.

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