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Detailed Price List - Bars

Create your own marimba using (but not limited to) the following options. Add the cost from each section: Frame, Bars, Resonators.

Size 4.3 4.5 5.0 5.3 6.0 6.3


Padauk 900 1000 1200 na na na
Rosewood select 2100 2400 3500 4000 3800 4300
Rosewood reserve 5250 6000 7500 8750 8250 9500

All prices do not include applicable sales tax and shipping. Practice rosewood bars may not be available, please email your inquiry.


Select Honduran Rosewood Bars - to build an instrument of 61 bars, over 200 bars were made and the best bars were selected to be used.

Rosewood Reserve - to build an instrument of 61 bars, over 600 bars were made and only the very best sounding bars make it on the instrument.

Padauk Bars - Padauk is a fine replacement for rosewood practice bars. These are concert-quality bars that can be used either for practice marimbas or concert instruments. Padauk will be a little quieter than rosewood and a little less sonorous.

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