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- 151 -
4.3 Octave Trestle Marimba $5725
Black Cherry Mission Frame - no comparison to the aesthetics of this instrument

Black Cherry Resonators - Surprisingly full and rich sound

Select Honduran Rosewood Bars

This marimba, serial number 151 (the 51st marimba to leave the Planet Marimba shop), was designed and built for Jane Taylor. It was completed in July 2015. In an effort to build a marimba that would complement a parlor full of Stickley furniture and other beautiful instruments, this all-black cherry design was implemented. Not only is the frame solid curly cherry, but the posts are cut out of the rails, and the resonators are made from cherry as well. This is a strikingly beautiful instrument and it sounds amazing as well.

This instrument is similar to the #104 marimba I built 14 years prior, but with many years of innovation and experience to add. A lot is unchainged between the two marimbas while a lot of improvements have been made. I've learned that posts built from the rails need to be reinforced to keep them from breaking. The resonators are built with stronger wood to resist swelling with the bars' vibrations. The cord channel in each post was widened as well. I've learned that giving the cord and the bar freedom is very good for resonance.

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