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3.3 Octave Monolith Contra-Bass Marimba $20000
White oak and Rosewood Frame - very elegant and simple not to outdo the ostentatious nature of this enormous instrument

Aluminum Resonators - the largest resonator is 12 feet long and had to be mitered into 11 pieces to fit

Select Honduran Rosewood Bars - the largest bar is 3 feet long and 6 inches wide

This marimba, serial number 108, was the most ambitious project of Planet Marimba in the summer of 2003. It was to be the largest chromatic bass marimba in existence. The lowest bar (A0) sounds the lowest note on the piano, thus allowing the owner, Rich Lockstein, the ability to transcribe almost anything for his marimba ensemble. Although this instrument is over 5-feet wide, it fits through doorways by separating the frame in two parts. The naturals and accidentals are separate frames. The mitered resonators detach from the frame individually for easier transport.

As is clear in the pictures, it is necessary to stand on a platform to play this instrument. The best mallets for the marimba are the latex bass marimba mallets made be Encore.

This instrument was introduced at the 2003 PASIC in Louisville.

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