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5.0 Octave Trestle Marimba $13500
Maple Frame - no comparison to the aesthetics of this instrument

Wood Resonators - authentic sound

Honduran Rosewood Reserve Bars - to build this instrument of 61 bars, over 600 bars were made and only the very best sounding bars make it on the instrument

This marimba, serial number 104, was designed and built for myself. I transcribe a lot of guitar music for marimba and wanted a marimba to complement that sound. As a result, wood resonators were made for it. I also wanted this instrument to be 100% wood. Instead of attaching metal posts to the rails, the posts between the bars are cut into the wood rail itself. The frame was built using mortise and tenon joinery, avoiding the use of metal fasteners. The only metal on the instrument are bolts that connect the resonators to the rail. The absence of metal on the frame made this instrument void of any metal rattles common on most other marimbas I've played in the past.

This instrument is used as the foundation for all the other instruments built since. Although many things have improved and innovated since then, my marimbas are built using the philosophy of avoiding metal hardware, and using the traditional furniture design of a trestle table for our frames.

Another innovation began with this instrument and continues through my marimbas today. All bars on my marimbas and xylophones are graduated. Each bar is slightly wider than the one above it, not just longer. The result is a seamless look for the performer. Other marimbas change width of the bars about every octave, leaving a visible difference, and sometimes an annoyance for the performer. This instrument was introduced at the 2002 PASIC in Columbus.

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