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6.0 Octave Stanbridge Marimba $8,000

Figured Black Cherry Frame - Special curly cherry planks were selected for this instrument

Plastic Resonators - the resonator modules are replaceable with aluminum or wood resonators

Select Honduran Rosewood Bars - about 300 bars were made to produce the 72 bars on this instrument

This marimba, serial number 113, was the first instrument to sport the "Post Under Bar" interface. The owner, Brian Stanbridge, is composing for marimba (and has a publishing company at and was excited to have six octaves to write for. Having the posts under each bar as opposed to between the bars makes the space between the bars half as wide. As a result, almost one foot of space is saved in the length of the instrument. This six-octave instrument is the same size as a normal five-octave.

When this marimba was first completed, I played a familiar guitar transcription I often play. Immediately I noticed I was hitting more correct notes than I usually do. With the bars closer together, an octave is about two inches smaller. An octave now feels like a seventh, and everything is easier to play!

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