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6.0 Octave Soul Marimba $17,100

Red Oak Mission Frame - Much of this frame is made with quarter-sawn and curly oak harvested in northern Michigan. It has been finished with shellac and many coats of protecting varnish.

Aluminum Resonators

Honduran Rosewood Reserve Bars - I've been saving rosewood bars for the last twelve years. I've selected the very best bars from each batch of bars that I made and I set them aside to make this marimba.

This marimba, serial number 146, was designed and built for Kelsey Tamayo. This marimba was completed in December 2015.

Kelsey requested an instrument with some specific needs. First, the space between the bars was narrowed, making an octave stretch 1.75" shorter. This makes using a cross grip a lot easier. Under the bars, small aluminum posts were used to enhance the sustain of the bars. Second, the frame is a bit lower than standard marimbas, and the bass resonators are mitered to accommodate. Third, the resonators are removable in small groups to make transport much easier.

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