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6.3 Octave Flagship Marimba $11,900

Walnut Frame - the frame wood was harvested in Michigan from black walnut trees

Aluminum Resonators - increased volume, individually tuned resonator stoppers

Select Honduran Rosewood Bars - to build this instrument of 76 bars, over 300 bars were made and the best sounding bars make it on the instrument

This marimba, serial number 120, was designed and built for Blinn College in Brenham, Texas. This is the first of four matching marimbas. The others include a 4.3 octave concert marimba, a 5.0 octave practice marimba, and a 4.0 octave xylophone.

The Flagship was premiered at the 2005 PASIC in Columbus, Ohio. This is the largest marimba built in the Planet Marimba shop to date. (Largest in the number of chromatic octaves. The largest in physical size still remains the 3.3 octave contrabass, the "Monolith".)

This marimba uses Planet Marimba's exclusive post-under-bar construction. The interface of having the posts under the bars makes this 6.3 octave instrument actually smaller than some other 5.0 octave marimbas. In order to build an institution-friendly instrument, larger casters were installed. They are also double-locking. Not only do the wheels lock, but the rotating mechanism locks. The posts make this an ideal instrument for schools as well. The posts are made from 1/2- inch thick walnut. They will not bend like most metal posts do.

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