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5.3 Octave Concert Marimba $12,500

Ash and Baltic Birch Frame - I made this frame with height adjustment. I've tried a lot of different height-adjustment tools but I was unhappy with durability, and settled on the one you see here. These are shop vices. They should last a hundred years.

Aluminum Resonators - These resonators were powder-coated in a reddish color. You can see from the pictures that the resonators are attached to a small "sub-rail" that sits on a larger resonator rail. Moving the marimba from place to place is made easier when you can remove just a section of resonators instead of the entire resonator module.

Select Honduran Rosewood Bars - to build this instrument of 52 bars, over 200 bars were made and the best sounding bars make it on the instrument

This marimba, serial number 140, was designed and built for a marimba player and educator, Adam Berkowitz. He wanted the marimba named, "Cornerstone" after one of his favorite rock albums. The height adjustment was necessary for teaching lessons.

This marimba uses Planet Marimba's exclusive post-under-bar construction. The interface of having the posts under the bars makes this 5.3 octave instrument much smaller than normal concert-size instruments.

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