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6.0 Octave Marimba $15,350

Black Cherry Mission Frame

Aluminum Resonators

Honduran Rosewood Reserve Bars>

This marimba, serial number 147, was designed and built for Yun Ju Pan. This marimba was completed in 2015.

This marimba has a new post design. The posts are wood dowels that are beveled to meet the cord. The bars are cut away in semi-circles to accommodate the post while keeping the bar in place. The interface of having these posts makes this 6.0 octave instrument actually smaller than some other 5.0 octave marimbas. The posts are made from 1/2- inch thick cherry. They will not bend or break like most metal posts do.

The resonators are removable from the instrument in small pods. Having all the resonators attached in one large unit makes transportation very difficult. Refer to the 4th photo to see how they are attached to the frame.

The resonators have been brushed with a wire cleaning wheel. Where a painted resonator might chip or scratch, these resonators can be returned to a like-new finish with a wire brush. I think the look is very distinctive.

These hinges are custom-made here in the Planet Marimba shop (just like everything else) and they are built to last for decades. They are constructed of 1/8" thick extruded aluminum and over-sized bolts with nylon bushings. They will keep rails straight for a long time before they need any adjustment.

In the last photo, it can be observed that some of the resonators are staggered under the bars. Because the spaces between the bars is smaller, and I wanted to keep the resonators large, the tubes have been staggered in places to accommodate the resonator size. A smaller resonator will play with good volume under normal conditions, but sometimes has the tendency to produce a distortion similar to a guitar amplifier creating distortion when the gain is turned up all the way. Notice also that the low C and C-sharp bars and resonators are considerably wider than the D and D-sharp. Considering that adding width to these bars will not affect mallet spread, I felt it was worth a little added volume for these notes.

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